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Dealerships Want Value
Why Choose Us?

Dealerships Want Value Why Choose Us?

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SERV™ creates a path from acquisition to delivery without data entry.  Track your progress, compensation, and inventory during the make ready process.
SERV™ is a partner that integrates directly into most DMS systems, eliminating double entry, variable paperwork, and inventory tracking hassles. 
SERV™ couples directly with your accounting system providing a simple and unique opportunity to improve productivity and profitability for car dealerships.
SERV™ gives a dealership more precise and consistent control amongst their team when it comes to their inventory and vendor management processes.
SERV™ utilizes both a mobile and desktop command that’s easy to use and allows for connectivity across all car dealership departments and staff.
SERV™ gives controllers accurate asset accounting tools to track, bill, and manage inventory, generating great value and increased speed to market.

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